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Great Leadership in Project Management

It is widely recognized that people skills are often the most important set of skills a project manager must master in order to deliver successful projects. Among this set of skills it is leadership that places the most demands upon professional and personal development for a practitioner, but it also comes with the greatest rewards. This webinar provides a high level introduction to the concepts of what makes great leadership in project management.

Better Project Planning and Estimating

One of the foundational elements of professional project management is also one of the weakest areas of the profession. This brief introduction to better project planning and estimating shows you some of the common mistakes and offers some insightful suggestions for ways you can improve your project plans and estimates.



How to Develop Project Management Practitioner Competency

Project management practitioners are responsible for delivering all of our projects and developing their competence in all areas of the profession is essential for ensuring our project have the greatest chance of success. This webinar will cover why this is important and also take you through some practical steps for defining key skills, developing areas of competence and planning future professional development for yourself or team members.

How to Build a Project Management Methodology

One of the key elements of successful project delivery is having an appropriate, tailored and documented project management methodology that reflects the types, size and complexity of your projects.
This webinar will take you through the steps needed to develop your own tailored project management methodology.