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“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.”
Henry Ford, Founder, Ford Motor Company

Modular Training

We offer a full range of project management training modules, covering every aspect of the profession of project management, that provides practitioners at all levels with skills and experience they can apply immediately to improve performance. Each module can be tailored, and delivered at introductory or advanced level.

The training can be scaled down to a single webinar, or delivered over several days with assessment of learning, or anywhere in between. We can deliver remotely, or in person, at your premises, or at a venue of our choice. If required, we also use Kirkpatrick Levels of Training Efficacy to determine how the training has changed performance and behaviour.

All of our material is aligned to, and reflects international best practice and the latest research in the profession of project management. We make sure the training we deliver results in better results for you and your project managers.

Download a description for each Crystal Project Management Module

Sean also delivers the public Introduction to Project Management training courses through University of Canterbury Executive Education programme (3 Day Course), and the Victoria University Professional Development programme (1 Day Course & a 2 Day Course).

Your Own Training

We believe that the most effective project management training is the one that closely aligns with your specific work environment. That's why we offer a unique solution designed to help you develop your own internal project management training program. Our extensive training material covers every aspect of project management, and we have the flexibility to customize it to reflect your internal processes and terminology. By integrating your own terminology, tools and methodologies into our materials, we ensure a seamless learning experience that directly relates to what you do.

Here's how it works: we take our comprehensive content and adapt it to match your specific requirements. We can then record the training module and incorporate your branding, making it a valuable asset exclusive to your organisation. All this for a simple one-time fee, often more cost-effective than sending multiple staff members to external courses, and you gain access to the training materials indefinitely.

If desired, we can even develop a process for observing and measuring behavioral changes resulting from the training. This tailored training solution is not only beneficial for onboarding new team members but also serves as a valuable reminder for existing staff, reinforcing your organization's unique project management approach.

PMP Exam Prep

We believe in serving the student and as such we have put together a unique offering to support your study for the PMP examination.  

Studying for the Project Management Professional (PMP®) examination can be stressful so why add to the stress with an intensive boot camp set to run on specific days? Wave goodbye to traditional boot camps and say hello to an innovative, student-centred approach to mastering the PMP exam.

Introducing our continuous PMP examination preparation course – 9 strategically structured sessions covering all the material needed to pass the exam. They run weekly, each 4 hours long, covering the essential topics for PMP success. Once we finish one cycle of the 9 sessions we take a short break and then start them all over again! Our cycle guarantees a comprehensive understanding, rather than just surface-level rote memorization. Can't make a session? No worries. There is always a recorded version for your convenience (note that you do need to attend a minimum number of real time sessions to get the completion certificate necessary for your exam eligibility).

Download information about our 2024 PMP examination preparation courses.