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Change Management in Project Management

The Crucial Role of Organizational Change Management in Project Success

Poor change management is often a significant contributor to project failure. Without a structured approach to manage the transitions that a project necessitates, there’s a high risk of resistance from team members and stakeholders. This resistance can manifest as low engagement, poor adoption of new processes or systems, and an […]

AI in Project Management

How ChatGPT Can Help You With Project Management

Introduction In today’s fast-paced business environment, there is a lot of hype about the growing use of AI tools. The profession of project management is no different. Project managers are always looking for innovative ways to improve efficiency and overall project success. One such innovation is the use of conversational […]

How to Build Your Own Project Management Methodology

** Please email me for a copy of the card deck that you can print out to start brainstorming your own methodology As a project management consultant I have often been asked to provide clients with an off-the-shelf, or readymade, project management methodology. In one sense this is good thing […]