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Outputs versus Outcomes

One of the greatest challenges we face as project managers is a focus on outputs over outcomes. Generally, projects are initiated to deal with a particular outcome (or benefit). A problem or opportunity has been identified and the project has been established to provide a solution. The objective is that […]

How to set up a PMO by Stealth

More and more research clearly indicates that organizations with a PMO deliver more successful projects than organizations without a PMO, yet that same research also tells us that a lot of organizations fail to see the benefits of a PMO, and some organizations are even getting rid of their PMO’s. […]

Can You Guarantee Project Success?

Does using all the right processes, tools and techniques guarantee project success? Does having all the right credentials and training mean you cannot fail? The short answer is no, it doesn’t. Managing projects well is all about increasing the chances of project success and reducing the chances of project failure. […]