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Defining ‘Agile’

There is a lot of use of the word agile in the organisational world. You can see it in job ads, see it in the descriptions of the way software is developed, and see it being used to describe entire workplaces and organisations. These are the four main ways I […]

Why You Need a Project Management Maturity Assessment

In the same way that project management practitioners can be described as beginner, intermediate or advanced, organizations can also be described as having low, medium, or high levels of project management. These levels of project management reflect the level of organizational project management maturity (OPMM).  Knowing the level of OPMM […]

Total Project Management (TPM) – A new paradigm

Total Quality Management (TQM) is an accepted part of quality management and customer satisfaction in many organizations. While it has a broad range of interpretation and application, it has some consistent principles which define it. They are: Everyone in the organization recognizes that quality is central to organizational success Everyone […]