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Project Management Consulting Services | Crystal Consulting

How to Choose the Right Projects

Before any project makes it into the approved portfolio of projects it must go through a rigorous project selection process. The project selection process starts with all potential projects having to go through a rigorous, repeatable and appropriate selection process. There are a few exceptions. In the normal course of […]

How to Have a Productive Meeting | Crystal Consulting

How to Have a Productive Meeting

Project meetings can be a very valuable communications tool that allow the team to get together to make decisions that allow the project to proceed and succeed. Beyond making decisions, they are also a useful forum to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships and define the expected team culture. However, they […]

What Exactly is a PMO? | Crystal Consulting

What Exactly is a PMO?

As a consultant who works with organizations around the globe, I get to see many forms of a PMO and I get to see what works and what doesn’t.  A well thought out and value adding PMO can add measurable strategic and operational value to any organisation regardless of its […]