Consulting Services

We provide a range of best practice project management consulting services based on many years of global experience. We guarantee that you will deliver more successful projects, programmes and portfolios as a result of our expertise. Unlike some other consulting companies we don’t use jargon, we don’t give you ‘cut and paste’ solutions, and we make sure that your needs are always met. We know you are unique, the challenges your face are unique and so we make sure that each and every one of our consulting engagements is unique. Either email us or call to start the conversation about any of our services listed below, or simply to talk about any aspect of project management.

Project Management Maturity Assessment

Every organisation can benefit from knowing exactly were it is right now in terms of project management maturity and using this information to determine the optimal level of maturity and how to get there. Being at the right level of project management maturity delivers real tangible and quantifiable benefits. We are pleased to be part of the AXELOS Consulting Partner program and as part of this we offer P3M3 maturity assessments. The Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management Maturity Model (P3M3) provides a framework for organisations to assess and benchmark their current performance and effectively develop plans for improvement. We offer facilitated self-assessments, diagnostic assessments, and certification assessments depending on your needs.

We pride ourselves that our professional in-depth assessments, reports and recommendations are easy to understand and implement. Our clients appreciate the ease with which they can understand the report contents, and implement the prioritised recommendations.

Project Manager Competency Assessment

This review assesses the competency of individual project management practitioners across all levels, from project administrators, to project managers, programme managers and portfolio managers. We use our bespoke tool which is aligned with international best practice in this area and it is based on the Project Manager Competency Development Framework (PMCDF) and the Talent Triangle from the Project Management Institute (PMI). It uses both a self-assessment and a peer assessment to give a complete picture of a practitioners current levels of competency. The tool can also be used as part of the recruitment process to ensure you are bringing on the best people.

It gives great insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your people and contributes to your overall talent management strategy. Using this review we can provide individual and personalized recommendations for professional development.

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Project Management Methodology

Have you got a defined and appropriate project management methodology, or do you make things up as you go along? Research clearly states that organisations with an appropriate and defined project management methodology significantly out perform
those that don’t. We have years of experience in helping clients all around the the
world develop, improve, tailor and introduce appropriate methodologies.

Whether you prefer a Waterfall or Agile approach, work in IT or construction, are small or large, complex or simple, we have the methodology and supporting documents that are right for you. We will work with your existing processes, augment or refine them, introduce missing parts as necessary, and work with your team to ensure the result works for you. We will then work with you on the change management process to ensure the new methodology is fully embedded and adopted.

Project Review and Health Check

Do you want to know how well your projects are performing now, and how they might perform in the future? Do you need a project rescued?

We have the tools to fully assess how well a project is currently performing and how well it may perform in the future. You get to choose the level of detail, and you can have the high level project review, in-depth Independent Quality Assurance (IQA) audit or complete project health-check. Each of these can be done at any point in a project life-cycle and provides valuable information about the state of the project and its likelihood of success. The review can be initiated in response to issues, or be regularly scheduled as part of the project lifecycle and scope. The review will highlight areas of strength and weakness, and compare these to established international best practice and our own global experience to determine what areas of improvement exist.

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Project Rescue and Delivery

Do you have a project that needs to get back on track? Do you have a project that you want to set up for success at the beginning? Do you have a project but do not have the resources to deliver it?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions then we can help. We have years of experience in successfully delivering projects in IT, construction, education, transformation, and R&D. In fact, there aren’t many areas we don’t have experience in project delivery. We will bring our skills and experience to you project no matter what stage or state it is in and make sure it is delivered successfully.