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P3M3® Maturity Assessment

Every organisation can benefit from knowing exactly where it is right now in terms of project management maturity and using this information to determine the optimal level of maturity and how to get there. Being at the right level of project management maturity delivers real tangible and quantifiable benefits. 

We are pleased to be part of the AXELOS Consulting Partner program and as part of this we offer P3M3® maturity assessments. The Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management Maturity Model (P3M3®) provides a framework for organisations to assess and benchmark their current performance and effectively develop plans for improvement. We offer facilitated self-assessments, diagnostic assessments, and certification assessments depending on your needs.

Our clients appreciate the ease with which they can understand the professional in-depth assessment contents, and implement the prioritised recommendations. Click the link below to find out more the assessment process and outcomes.

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PMO Development

Ongoing research confirms that organisations with an appropriate Project Management Office (PMO) consistently perform better than those without.

Our experience and tools can help you establish the need for a PMO, and the appropriate form and function that best suits your organizational needs now, and your aspirations for the future. Using our PMO capability assessment tool we can also review the function and performance of your existing PMO and provide prioritized recommendations for improvements.

Methodology Development

The best project management methodology is one that truly suits your needs. We have sophisticated tools, templates, and processes we draw on to work with you to develop an appropriate and tailored project management methodology (or methodologies) that suit your projects and their size, duration, complexity, the maturity of your organisation, and the competency of your project management practitioners. We can also provide the necessary training to staff to ensure it is used as planned. 

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Project Review, Rescue & Delivery

Do you want to know how well your projects are performing now? And/or how they may perform in future? Is your project in trouble and you need to get it back on track?

Our project reviews can be done at any point in a project life-cycle and provides valuable information about the state of the project and its likelihood of success. The review can be initiated in response to issues, or be regularly scheduled as part of the project lifecycle and scope. The review will highlight areas of strength and weakness, and compare these to established international best practice and our own global experience to determine what areas of improvement exist. If required we can take on the project delivery to complete it successfully.

Competency Development

One of the greatest predictors of project success in the level of competency of your project managers. We work with you to develop a project manager competency framework that defines and supports the development of professional competencies for you and your team. All of our work in this area is aligned with international best practice.

We can also provide individual assessments of current levels of project management competence using our online tool and provide personalized professional development plans.

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Virtual PMO Leadership

Virtual PMO Leadership

We offer a virtual PMO, or Head of PMO, service for organisations that need short term, or part time assistance, with leading their PMO's and providing oversight, reporting, process improvement, and team leadership.

Benefits Management Framework

Your portfolio, programmes, and projects exist to deliver strategic and operational benefits to your organisation. If you aren't tracking your benefits then you can't be sure your investment decisions are the right ones.

Making sure you define, measure, and realise these benefits is critical to true success. We have worked with organisations around the globe to develop an appropriate Benefits Management Framework that assists organizations defining and tracking all project benefits. We have a library of benefits management tools and templates ready to adapt to your specific needs.

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