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How to Choose the Right Projects

Before any project makes it into the approved portfolio of projects it must go through a rigorous project selection process. The project selection process starts with all potential projects having to go through a rigorous, repeatable and appropriate selection process. There are a few exceptions. In the normal course of […]

How to Have a Productive Meeting | Crystal Consulting

How to Have a Productive Meeting

Project meetings can be a very valuable communications tool that allow the team to get together to make decisions that allow the project to proceed and succeed. Beyond making decisions, they are also a useful forum to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships and define the expected team culture. However, they […]

What Exactly is a PMO? | Crystal Consulting

What Exactly is a PMO?

As a consultant who works with organizations around the globe, I get to see many forms of a PMO and I get to see what works and what doesn’t.  A well thought out and value adding PMO can add measurable strategic and operational value to any organisation regardless of its […]

Defining ‘Agile’

There is a lot of use of the word agile in the organisational world. You can see it in job ads, see it in the descriptions of the way software is developed, and see it being used to describe entire workplaces and organisations. These are the four main ways I […]