Who we are

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Our History

The official start date for Crystal Consulting was in the middle of 2016, but we've been around a lot longer than that in other forms.

We originally began offering project management consulting and training services all the way back in 2004. Back then we had another name and that company grew and developed a global reputation for excellence in all things to do with the profession of project management. In 2015 Sean decided to focus on doing just the things that he truly loved and he sold that company, and started fresh and formed Crystal Consulting. Since then we have really focused on delivering the core services and training that actually help organisations perform better.

Our goal is not to be the biggest. Our mission is to offer our clients the absolute best project management consulting and training based on delivering tangible value to them and their organization.

Our Values

We have always prided ourselves on providing services and advice that actually deliver real tangible value to you and your organisation.

We avoid (and dislike) jargon. We like making our advice crystal clear and useful to you. Our goal is to empower you and your organisation to become better so you don't need consultants like us (in fact, if we complete a maturity assessment and recommendations for you, we will exclude ourselves from any further work with your organisation for a period of 12 months after the assessment so you can be sure we are being as objective as possible).

We pride ourselves on doing business with nice people and if we can't provide you with the services you want, we will gladly introduce to people we know and trust who may be able to provide the services you need.

We are passionate about the profession of project management and will gladly talk to you about any aspect of it.

What We Do

In some ways what we do is very simple – we help you get better at successfully delivering your portfolios, programmes, and projects.

How we do this is by listening to your needs, how you measure success, and what your aspirations for the future are. We then take into account our experience and knowing what 'good' looks like, which we align with internationally accepted best practice from the profession of project management to develop solutions that work for you.

We then tailor our advice, or training, to ensure that it truly meets your needs and delivers tangible value. We are driven by pride in the work we do, and the passion for the profession of project management. We will go the extra mile to make sure your needs are met, your project managers are performing at a higher level, and your organisation is successfully delivering its portfolio, programmes, and projects.

Sean Whitaker, BA, MSc, MBA, PMP, DASM, ACC, Fellow of PMI New Zealand

Hi, I'm Sean.

I started my project management career just over 25 years ago as a project manager in the construction industry. I then went on to lead projects in New Zealand and Australia in the telecommunications, construction, urban redevelopment, information technology, software development, and organisational transformation industries. This diverse background in delivering complex projects is what I have built my consultancy and training career upon.

I began offering consulting advice and project management training in 2004 and since then have been lucky enough to work alongside, and for, over 100 organisations of all sizes from small charities to complex multi-nationals in all aspects of portfolio, program, and project management. I have been commissioned to author books on project management and how to pass the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential by companies such as Microsoft, O'Reilly Publishing, and Apress. I am also the author of many blogs, opinion pieces, webinars, and white papers on project management. I regularly speak at conferences around the globe and am always interested in further speaking opportunities.

I have developed and delivered project management training since 2004 at all levels from introductory up to post graduate tertiary level, and also Project Management Professional level all around the globe. I regularly lecture on Masters degrees at universities in New Zealand. I have also been a long time volunteer with the Project Management Institute (PMI) and in that time I have had the fortune to be the President of the Project Management Institute of New Zealand, and been awarded the status of Fellow of PMI NZ. I also served as one of the judges on the international project management awards for four years.

I'm passionate about the profession of project management and I know what good looks like. My commitment to you is to share my experience and knowledge and ensure that you are more successful in delivering your projects.

You can email me at sean@crystal.consulting or give me a call on +6421633592. Check out my LinkedIn Profile by clicking HERE.