What We Do

Project Management Consultancy

Project management is a specific skill that, when implemented successfully, can make a huge difference to your business. We use internationally recognised assessment and benchmarking tools to give you clarity about your project management capability and develop a path to improved performance and increased value. Drawing on years of local and international experience, we tailor a programme to suit your business, resources and strategic direction.

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Project Management Training

Make the most of your people with our professional development training programmes. A strong, high-functioning team will help you deliver better results, increase profit and improve reputation. We can work with individuals or teams to improve their project management capability.

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Advice and Referrals

With years of international and local project management experience, our professional staff are happy to offer insights, suggestions and advice on how you might tackle any project-related issues. We are happy to talk, answer questions or provide any assistance to your business.

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Our Clients

Since 2006 we have been providing a range of consultancy and training services.  Over this time these are some of the clients we have worked with directly or via associate engagements with companies such as Human Systems International: