Project Management Training

“90% of project managers said that ongoing training would be vital to keep up with the pace of change, and that there will be a need to more creativity and flexibility in project management”,  The Future Project Management Professional, AXELOS 2017

Project Management Training

We know that your training needs are unique, and we want to work with you to develop and deliver training that works for you and your project management practitioners. We offer a full range of training modules providing practitioners at all levels with skills and experience they can apply immediately to improve performance.

Each module can be tailored, and delivered at introductory or advanced level. All of our material is aligned to, and reflects international best practice and the latest research in the profession of project management.

These are the modules we offer:

  1. The Profession of Project Management
  2. Choosing and Starting the Right Projects
  3. Defining and Management Project Scope
  4. Estimating and Managing Project Costs
  5. Estimating and Management Project Time
  6. Managing Project Risk
  7. Effective Team Development & Project Leadership
  8. Managing Project Quality
  9. Internal and External Procurement
  10. Effective Project Communications & Stakeholder Management
  11. Project Closure and Benefits Realization
  12. Building a Project Management Methodology
  13. Project Sponsorship and Governance
  14. Effective Program Management
  15. Managing an Organizational Portfolio
  16. Successful Change Management
  17. Agile Project Management

Download a brief description of each of these modules: Crystal Project Management Modules

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