The world is more malleable than you think and it’s waiting for you hammer it into shape”

We offer personalized one on one coaching for aspirational project management practitioners at any level of experience and at any point in their career. The coaching is carried out by either Sean Whitaker or Rasa Cowie-Cloesen, depending on your coaching needs. Coaching sessions last for 50 minutes and are conducted using video conferencing technology.

Sean is a Certified Professional Coach and has many years experience in a wide range of industries. He has successfully coached people in all industries and at all stages of the project management profession from beginner to executive level. Visit Sean’s coaching website to find out more about his coaching style and what coaching can do for you. Click the link below.

Rasa is a Certified Professional Coach and focuses her coaching on helping people at a transition point in their lives. She has successfully coached practitioners at all levels of project management. You can find out more about engaging Rasa as a coach at her website via the link below: