Why should I hire a consultant to help me?

This seems like its a difficult question to answer but it is actually quite simple. You specialize in your particular industry and consultants specialize in greatness – that is what we do. We work with a wide variety of organizations and this breadth of experience gives us a unique view of what works and what doesn’t. A good consultant will add real value to your organization and be part of long lasting change. We guarantee our service will leave you and your organization much better off, and the value we add is much greater than any fees we charge.

Isn’t training my project people a cost not an investment?

Training your people up is always an investment. People who are competent contribute to their own development but also lift organizational capability. They deliver more successful projects more of the time and overall your organization will perform better in a wide variety of areas. And if you are worried that you will train them and they will leave your organization, then consider the implications of not training them and they stay.

What are the advantages in having a defined, scalable and tailored project management methodology?

Defining how you do your projects means that everyone does things the same way. This has lots of benefits from uniform approaches to consistent reporting. This doesn’t mean your methodology has to be struct and unyielding as it should be able to be scaled and tailored depending on the type of project being managed.

What are the benefits in obtaining project management certifications and qualifications?

Project management is known as the accidental profession as a lot of people simply fall into it and learn on the job. Learning through experience is a great way to learn but it means you simply dot know what you don’t know. Wt certifications and qualifications you get exposed to a wide body of knowledge and can take from it those things that are appropriate for you and your projects. I haven’t yet met a 20 year veteran who didn’t learn something pursuing a credential.

Which project management organization should I belong to?

Throughout the world there are many project management organizations. The one you choose to belong to should be the one that best represents your views and aspirations. We like the Project Management Institute (PMI) as it is the largest, but there are many other fine associations.

What are the differences between project management standards, frameworks and methodologies?

We actually wrote a blog about this – check it out HERE