PM Methodology

Have you got a defined and appropriate project management methodology, or do you make things up as you go along?

The research clearly states that organisations with an appropriate and defined project management methodology significantly out perform those that don’t.

We have years of experience in helping clients all around the the world develop, improve, tailor and introduce appropriate methodologies.

Additionally, we kept hearing from people that building their own tailored project management methodology was too difficult despite clear research showing that tailored methodologies work best. So, we sat down and made the difficult easy and developed our 3PM Methodology Building Tool. This tool can be tailored to suit you and presented online or as a simple “deck of cards” solution. This tool is used as part of a facilitated workshop and uses software, playing cards, blank templates and process flow charts.

Whatever your needs we have the skills and experience to ensure that your methodology (or methodologies) deliver real benefit to your practitioners, clients and organisation.